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Why your skin needs 8 hours of beauty sleep too

We all know getting your full 8 hours of sleep is imperative to stay in good health, but did you know that getting a full night sleep is one of the most beneficial ways for keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful? 1. Your skin-cells regenerate, meaning youthful skin In the day, the skin works pretty hard to protect itself from daily aggravators such as free radicals, UV rays and the grime and sweat a day can bring. While we’re sleeping our skin switches into recovery m

A tale of two lids: applying eye makeup and HERBELIA BLINK Mascara

If you're unsure how to apply eyeshadow, you've arrived at the perfect destination. If you want new techniques, we've got those, too. First, you must choose the right HERBELIA eyeshadow palette for your eye color, then you have to figure out how to use all the various shades on your lid. This basic application is all you need to know when applying eyeshadow. Use more dramatic shades for the evening, lighter shades for the day. Step 1: Prime Your Lid Always sweep a primer over

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