Active cream

Active cream


Active Cream improves the tone of the tissues, it is therefore an important adjuvant for all those relaxation phenomena that can occur in various parts of the body (belly, breast, inner thigh).
It Contains:

  • sweet almond oil: it has excellent eudermic and sebum-like characteristics and moisturizing and dermoprotective properties.
  • Shea butter: it is useful in the treatment of stretch marks, as a firming, protective, moisturizing and emollient.
  • Cyclosystem complex of L-carnitine: being included in cyclodextrins, it is released gradually; carnitine is a transporter of free fatty acids which only together with this substance can cross the mitochondrial membrane for their oxidation and, therefore, for the production of energy necessary for cellular metabolism.
  • Hop: it has stimulating and revitalizing properties for skin tone and turgor.
  • Ginseng: has, like hops, stimulating, toning and elasticizing properties.

We recommend massaging Active Cream after a carrier product such as Glycopeel Body , Silk Sensation or Express Body Peeling .

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  • Active Cream


    Firming body cream

    Body firming cream

    Toning and elasticizing cream

    Körpercreme für straffe und elastische

    HautCréme stiffener pour le corps