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Puricream normalizes the production of keratinocytes and sebum for oily and combination skin.
It Contains:

  • salicylic acid: promotes the reduction of the thickness of the stratum corneum and the elimination of impurities that accumulate in the pores of the skin.
  • Phlorogine: it is a derivative of the Laminaria Saccarina seaweed, it has 4 main functions: antilipase, sebostatic, physiological, healing action.
  • Azelaic acid: performs an antimicrobial action on the skin microflora, reducing the intrafollicular density of Propionibacterium Acnes.
  • Allantoin: performs an anti-inflammatory, calming and disinfectant function.
  • Lemon: has a strong purifying and antiseptic activity.
  • Burdock: has an antibiotic-like activity against staphylococcal infections and against furunculosis.
  • Calendula: contains mucilaginous substances, pectins and gums that retain water and act as moisturizers. Marigold has an emollient, protective, soothing and decongestant activity.

After cleansing the skin, it is recommended to apply Puricream  in the evening only on the T-zone and on the blackheads. Eye and lip contours should be avoided.


    • Night cream for impure skin
    • Night cream for oily skins
    • Cream de noche para pieles impuras
    • Nachtcreme für unreine Haut
    • Crème de nuit pour les peaux impures